Thu 20 Aug - Camino is ON... Again :-)

20 days to go before I depart towards Europe. Although I have now caught a cold and therefore decided to have a Camino planning free day today.

I suspect that I may have overextended my planning and preparation. I suppose that would be normal for anybody doing something like this for the first time. 

So, today is a Camino free day. Except that I set up this blog and played with the format. Doing it all comfortably sleuthing in bed. 

A bit of recap here...
I was originally going to leave for Europe on the 23rd of August, in 3 days time. 
The bicycle accident and my broken right ulna put a stop to all that on 30 April. 
The rehab after the operation took a very long time were I felt that I did very little progress. 

So in the beginning of July I cancelled everything. I could just not give myself a fighting chance of completing the Camino. Only to then improve very quickly. 

So I rebooked everything again. With a scheduled departure date 2 1/2 weeks later from the original date. 

So now I am in training. The arm is still not brilliant and I will have the 3 sets of wires taken out once I return from this trip. But it definitely feels good enough. I just have to be a little bit careful. 

I have the gear that I need for the walk bar a few minor alterations. I walked 16km yesterday with a full pack and all good apart from the cold. 

I finish off with a few pictures of how I used to look 3 1/2 months ago. 

And if you are squirmish, stop today's reading here. 

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