Tue 3 Nov - Gramacho to Faro

It was time to leave Ulf and Åsa and their fabulous hospitality. In addition to all the chatting and reminiscing about old times, I had been exposed to a variety of great local food while here and been taken to some really fabulous places. 

Thanks heaps, guys. Of course, you are most welcome to come to Melbourne and stay with us at any time, or if we are not there, stay without us.  

Not much happened in the morning and into mid afternoon today. Ulf and Åsa had a golf game on so I just hang around their place, packing up my gear into the backpack. For the 3rd last time on this trip.

I'm going home in exactly one week's time. What is left of this trip are Faro for 3 nights followed by Lisbon for 4 nights. 

Ulf and Åsa returned around 3pm and after saying goodbye to Åsa, Ulf gave me a lift to Faro. 

Ulf dropped me off at Faro's railway station and then it was goodbye to Ulf as well. As I already was at the train station, I bought my train ticket to get to Lisbon on Friday. 

My hotel Sol Argarve is one short block away from the station and this is how it looked out of my balcony on the first floor later in the evening. 
I then took advantage of the remaining daylight and took a wander around the immediate area in Faro. 

A good part of central Faro had been converted into pedestrian malls. 
All the essential road signs were in place in Faro. 
Beautiful decorations above a front door. 
I have never seen a motor vehicle with this much spilled paint on it. Not surprising though as they worked from the roof of the vehicle. 
Faro's marina was very tranquil and very still as there was no wind. 
Looking out towards the sea as fishermen were trying their luck. 
The train went parallel to the waterfront once on the southern side of Faro's railway station. One way...
...and the other. 
I had to take a photo of the beautiful signs showing the street names. As you can see, they consist of a set of tiles. 
Elaborate art on a vacant building. 
Before returning to my hotel room, I stopped at the local supermercado to pick up some provisions. 

Note the 3 different added tax levels, B,C and D. Chocolate and snacks have the highest level of extra tax as it should be, but water and wine are both C taxed items...
Life on the road. Cheap wine, drunk from a plastic cup, in a hotel room. Heck, there was a UEFA Champions League football game on TV tonight. That's my excuse. 
My dinner for the night was down to "normal" levels again after all that gourmet fish and seafood. A calzone pizza. Which was actually surprisingly good. I finished almost all of it. 
A final pic of my hotel Sol Algarve as I wander home full of pizza to watch the football game on TV. Benfica vs Galatasaray. Finished 2-1. Time to sleep. 

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