Sun 6 Sep - Testing the hypothesis 1

Good Mrs left for Mexico this morning and I will be gone myself in 3 days time. Close now.  

Today I decided to test the contents of my backpack as for how I anticipate a day on the Camino may look like and how I would use it. 

I started off with a 19km loop walk to St Kilda via Port Melbourne and back through Albert Park. An old favorite walk that Good Mrs and I have done many times. 

Funny enough, today had an event called "The bloody long walk" partly on the same path I was on.

"Do you call that a walk...?". Yes, Crocodile Dundee crossed my mind...

I slip in a few pics from along Port Philip Bay and St Kilda Pier. Probably the last longer training walk before I depart. 

In front of St Kilda Pier. 

Fitzroy Street. My niece and her boyfriend lived in the white building to the left before they returned to Sweden 2 months ago. 

Once I got home, I tried my poncho to see whether it covered sufficiently both myself and my backpack. 

Close enough. I will bring a clip to tighten the poncho from behind when I have to use it. Not perfect but much better than nothing 

I banned myself from our main bedroom and bathroom for the night. I will only use contents from my backpack for clothes, shower, washing clothes and sleeping. 

I have read that many albergues along the Camino have very cramped baños, with no hooks and little space for keeping your clothes dry.

I have a combination of a dry bag, a wash-bag with a hook and plastic bag / zip lock bag for valuables such as passport, phone and wallet. 

At home the setup seemed to work but who knows how much space is available in the albergues. Time will soon tell. 

A lazy contemplating afternoon followed. I may still get a different set of shoelaces (130cm) and also replace one of my set of pants. A few items may not come along as well, just to keep the weight down.   

I am writing this post from lying down on the guest bed and on the sleeping bag / liner. I am ready for sleeping here tonight and I will write another post tomorrow reflecting the outcome of the night and morning. 

Stay tuned...

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