Tue 22 Sep - Day 8: Estella to Torres Del Rio 29km

144km walked, 642km left to walk. 

Another long walk today. 58km in two days. 

Last nights albergue was the worst experience so far on the Camino. The rock bottom price of 7€ may have been an indication. 

On one hand that attracted Spanish young people. Party people. Who ate, drank, made noise way beyond the 10pm ssssshhh time. 

On the other hand it also attracted die hard hikers. The ones who get up at 4am to get ready, packing, having breakfast and generally moving around in the dark with their headlight on. 

Hence sleep was limited to around 4 hours, 12am to 4pm. 

I stick to a bed minimum cost of 10€ from now on. 

Barely out of Estella and I bumped into Allan. Unbelievable. He was the Danish guy I gave the bed to at Orisson on the very first day. He said that he recovered well after that first day and night. Although he was still coughing. But he was as far as I was. Go figure. 

First encounter of the day was free wine. The famous wine on tap next to a water on tap at Bodegas Ireches. 
Party at 8.30am. 

The wine was actually not too bad. Definitely drinkable but at another time , another place. Nowhere near of Snake Gully quality (long story, Snake Gully set the bar so low that it will probably never be beaten)

100 liters of wine per day is offered according to the sign below. Better be early. 
Carina's sister:
The wine tap is just after (west of) Estella. 

A few landscape pictures along the way. Today's theme was wide open spaces, countryside, farming. 
Weather wise it was nowhere near as hot as yesterday despite the forecast. Cool, overcast and gentle winds made for much pleasant walking. 

And didn't this just bring the thoughts back home to Oz? Except a number of goats mingled in there. 
Another familiar face from the Pamplona hostel popped up several times during the day. Ven, the Auckland Kiwi. She is tough little lady. There is clearly Maori blood in there and she speaks with such a broad New Zealand accent. 

Arriving in Los Arcos which is today's suggested end destination in the guide book. 
But I made forces with a Canadian from Ottawa who I also met at last nights albergue and continued for another 8km. 
To the town of Torres Del Rio. Which will go as today's "The Way" association as it was mentioned in there. 
Mind you, not much of a rio. Unless there is another one at the other end. 
Tonight's hostel had the odd name of "la Pata & Oca". 
Bed was 10€ but bed, dinner and breakfast at 20€ was very good value. 

Point of differentiation was a cooling pool for feet. Nice. 

A few drinks with a new crowd of people, from Cairns, Australia, Manchester, UK
and Ottawa, Canada. 
Party. Good night 

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