Tue 8 Sep - Maintenance Tuesday

Today, the day before I leave for France was the day that I have set aside for personal maintenance. My aim was to get myself sorted and in shape as much as possible. 

True, I had a pedi and mani done already last Saturday together with Good Mrs. She was going to the salon so I thought that I tag along. 

The ladies did a great job. 
First up today was the final visit to my chiropractor before I leave. 

I got his final do's and dont's for my broken right arm and for a few other niggling issues that I have had. A little bit of acupuncture on my left shoulder which has given me some grief during longer hikes. I was also given a few more stretch exercises and an offer to email him if I have any issues on the Camino. 

By the way, this is how my right arm looked today. 
That hump just above the elbow is the knot tying bones and wires together. You can faintly see one of the wires coming off that knot downwards roughly in a 45 degrees angle. 

I will have the wires removed once I return to Australia. The knot in particular is awkward and is sore at times. 

I think that the arm now is strong enough for the Camino. I must obviously avoid falling and taking the fall with my right arm or hitting anything hard. I am still not sure about using hiking poles. I will not bring anything with me, but I can always get something there. 
Yes, I still need to be careful. 

Next was getting a haircut. Number 4 at the top, 1 on the sides and 1/2 furthest down. Here is the mugshot to prove it. 
Even the eyebrows got a trim. And no more shaves. I will grow that sorry excuse for a beard as shaving equipment is just a "nice to have" for the Camino.

Finally, I paid a visit to our masseur Lily for a deep tissue massage. Lily resides in our building so I just took the lift down and strolled to her business. 
She is very good as I asked her to focus on shoulders, legs, back and gluten. She found many many tight knots and sore areas. 

I also managed to fit in a visit to the gym as well. More strength training and 1km swimming. Always feels very good afterwards. 

So now at 7pm, I'm kicking back at home for the last night in 2 months. I got myself a couple of brews as, why not?

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