Mon 19 Oct - Day 35: Gonzar to Ponte Campaña 22km

722km walked. 63km left to walk.

Today's theme was rain. You don't believe me. Then check out this mornings TV weather forecast. Pretty much the whole of Spain could expect rain. 
Thanks to Peregrino Randy from Florida, USA for that picture. 

Off we go, Deb and I, a little bit later than normal. We leave the albergue 7.10am or so, walking initially mostly in mist and drizzle. The upcoming dawn provided opportunities for some great photos. 
Very Harry Potteresque. 
The road to... Nowhere? Somewhere? Wet wear?
Funnily enough, the Turigrinos were nowhere to be seen. Probably because the taxi cabs bypassing us in our direction all had darkened passenger windows. I saw at least 3 of these cans. 

In addition, the vans shuttling backpacks do sometimes also provide shuttling services for passengers. Read wet Turigrinos. 
Over to something more Peregrino like. According to the sign, this field was once a Peregrino cemetery. No evidence of it today except the sign informing the reader of that fact and a cross in one corner. 
So did we get wet today? Damn right we got wet. In a futile attempt to find an open bar / cafe, we first couldn't find any. Then the cafe that Deb knew as being very good was closed on Mondays. And today is...

We finally found a cafe / restaurant and got in with all our wet gear. 

That is my blue wind and rain jacket hanging to dry off that hatstand. It kind of worked. Water was dripping down on to the floor. 
Boots and socks off. Disgusting? Maybe. Do I care? Not at all. Any drying out is good. 
Hey, I could even feel that my undies were wet. A most unpleasant sensation I could do without. 

So how do I looked this wet Camino day, the wettest so far. Well, what can you do apart from eating some more cement and harden the $&@/ up?
After a hamburger lunch, with tea and then a hot cup of chocolate and a token effort to dry up, it was on the road again. The wet road again. 

However, the weather improved somewhat and after a quick walk through the small town of Palas de Rei, we arrived in the tiny settlement of Ponte Campaña Moto. 

Our destination for today was supposed to be the hamlet of Mato-Casanova, great name, but today's albergue was in the village before, hence an earlier than expected arrival at 1.45pm. 

We are now a group of 9 peregrinos from a variety of countries walking together and the 2 Canadians, Don and Cosmin, were already at our chosen albergue called Casa Domingo. A rustic looking place with a nice homely feeling and...

...with the biggest Camino shell outside the albergue that I have seen on the Camino. 
The rustic salon/comedor. Don and Cosmin to the left. Note the chairs on the wall. And the old bike frame. 
High ceilings. The whole place looked like a converted barn or barns. Which is probably had been given each external door was split horizontally through the centre. 
Well, the afternoon was nice and warm with a fire and heaters. The heaters also dried the boots and my very wet hat. All the wet clothing was sent off for washing and drying, a service most albergues provide. 
just found out that there are new blog readers in yet another country, Canada (the pressure, the pressure). 

So for our Canadian blog readers (and for our Canadian Peregrinos as well), here are close ups of the Canadians in our group. 


OK most of the afternoon was spent in the salon/comedor chatting and drinking vino Tinto or cerveza. And snacking nuts and crisps. 

Don came up with a new formula 50/40/10 for friends reactions to any of us walking the Camino. It goes as follows:
- 50% don't care about us doing or not doing the Camino
- 40% think that we are nuts doing the Camino
- 10% get excited, want to hear about it and may want to do it themselves 
Hmm.. Don may be onto something here. That ratio sounds about right. 

Dinner... At 7.30pm. A fancy looking affair around a horse shoe table. With table cloth. For dirty smelly Peregrinos. Primero is being served. 
OK, paper table clothes but anyway. 

I am becoming a real fan of lentil soup. I've had it a few times and I really like it but tonight's lentil soup was seriously good. I had 3 servings. 
I also had 1 serving of the pumpkin soup which was excellent too. 

Main was spaghetti and meatballs. Better than I expected but not really what I would like to get. 

Oh well, it's not yet 8.30pm and I am ready for bed.

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