Tue 6 Oct - Day 22: Terradillos de Los Templarios to El Burgo Ranero 31km

434km walked. 351km left to walk. 

I decided this morning that it was time to walk alone. I've been walking with the group for a week or so, all good, but let's go introvert for a little while. 

I had breakfast in the next town 45 minutes down the road called Moratinos as our albergue kitchen did not open up as scheduled at 7am. Yes, they offered bacon and eggs. Yum!
The restaurant had an interesting set up for toilet rolls. There were two of them, one mounted as per below... OK..?
Morning rain for a few hours but forecast was for weather improvement. Rain to stop. 
Can that be the forecasted improvement? The light in the sky is behind the town of Sahagun. 
Just east of Sarahun, there was this ancient bridge with no water. In fact, there was nowhere to the left for any water to go. According to the guide book, it was an ancient Roman bridge. 
Now, this setup looked impressive. What it is? Why is it there?
Ahh, the geographical centre of the Camino...
...if you count the Camino as going from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela. In other words, solely the Spanish part. 
I had of course started my Camino in St Jean Pied de Port in France so I had already passed the midway point. 

Walking into Sahagun, there was this old garage. Almost old American west style. 
Sahagun, being the town considered the midway point of the Camino, had several artworks reflecting the pilgrims. Here is one...
...and here is another. 
Walking out of Sahagun, the Spanish pilgrim below almost looked like a caricature of a Camino figure.  
Many towns and villages along the Camino have resting places like the below. Yes, I took the opportunity here to get a short rest myself. 
So, no rain from mid morning but plenty of wind yet again. Check out the trees on the right. Not quite the Pyrenees but hold on to your hat. 
Today's destination El Burgo Ranero had this impressive statue as you walked into town. I was there at around 1.30pm after about 6 hours of walking. 
My hostel for the night was called La Laguna. 
A pleasant enough place with a huge outdoor lawn, outdoor hanging space for clothes and a reasonable kitchen. With a microwave oven. So I can make myself a cup of tea. Which I did for an afternoon cuppa. 

After chilling, and a bit peckish, I wandered around the town of El Burgo Ranero, found the El Peregrino hostel where the adjacent restaurant was serving "menú del peregrino" even at 4.30pm. 

What the heck? I have had no lunch but munching on chocolate cookies. Let's have something decent to eat. And I did. 

Primero (entree) was vegetable soup and it had veggies in it. I mean it really had veggies in it!! Very tasty too. Even the carrots were OK. 
I got a whole bottle of wine with my 10€ meal. The waiter even opened the bottle at my table. For one person. Yes, it tasted fine too. 
The segundo (main) was salmon. No &$@:$& fries. Just more veggies. Delicious. 
Postre (dessert) was a very nice chocolate and vanilla ice cream in a tub. 

May I say that this was the best "menú del peregrino" I had on the camino so far. It was top food. And healthy too. Loved it. 

Well, the vino Tinto made me and I went back to my albergue La Laguna for a nice cup of tea :-)

Press stop: I just booked myself a single room in Leon for Thursday and Friday nights. A room for myself... That was a long time ago...

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